Sam Welton, also known as “Sam The Transformational Soul Stylist”, is Founder of InnerSense + Soul, HerStory Heels, Bodies, Brushes & Breakthru, and Sisterella & Co.

She is a Certified Life Coach, Transformational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Soul Stylist, Creative, and Author of Pieces of the Soul and Can’t Kick Ass in Broken Heels.

Sam is passionate about women healing from the inside out. Each one of her businesses focuses using different mediums for women to:

Shift their Minds

Open their Hearts

Heal their Soul

Find their Happy

Her ultimate goal is to show women how to turn their “Pain into Peace, Peace into Passion, Passion into Purpose, Purpose into Power, and Power into PROFITS.

Like she was able to do with her own life after personally identifying her ABC’s of pain.

(Pain for every letter of the alphabet).

She discovered her purpose in 2004, when she created HerStory. (Now called HerStory Heels™), after a nine-year-old boy in her son’s class committed suicide. She wondered what was his story? Moreso, What was his mother’s Story? Sam couldn’t understand “His Why”.  She couldn’t bear to think of his mother’s pain. As she herself, is a mother of seven (7). On that day she stood in the shower mourning for the young man (whom she didn’t know,) and heard God Say “HerStory”.

HerStory was intended to be a t-shirt line for women, but God had other plans. So in 2004, Sam created HerStory Heels™ an interactive workshop that gives women a place to share their Story, for healing, hope, and support without judgement.

It had to be a place that gave women, subconscious permission to share and release in a safe and trusting environment, so she incorporated her creative twist to it.  Interactive Healing Art Therapy.

 She would come up with different monthly themes, such as “Mirror Mirror”, or “I’m putting on a new dress watch me Strutt” etc. Then use creative mediums; from poster boards, mirrors, paint, bling, magazines, even body mannequins to tell their stories. It was hit. The women love the ability to find words for example in a magazine, to be able to express and articulate what they are feeling.

Using art is an amazing way to be able to tell your story when you don’t have the words or the courage to say your truth out loud.

Using art is an amazing way to be able to tell your story when you don’t have the words or the courage to say your truth out loud.

After many years of doing HerStory Heels™, She wanted another way for women to release, and In 2013, She was introduced to Vaginal Steaming and all the benefits, physically, and emotionally that come with VToxing the vagina.  She always wanted another avenue for women to be able to release, and this was perfect. After much research, studying, training, and creating, she opened her first location with a partner in 2014. In 2018, She branched off on her own and opened InnerSense + Soul™. A luxury Self- Care – Soul Care Boutique. 

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  1. Donna says:

    I am so impressed Sam. You looked beyond yourself selfless to help others. It is my desire to create a safe place for women. Especially those who have experience trauma. God has used you to push me forward.