Handmade Cards using Cricut Design Space

It’s been years since I did any kind of scrapping booking and this project rekindled my love for layering, connecting and cutting pieces of paper that will eventually evolve into a masterpiece (or so that’s the goal!) My inspiration behind this project was a need to connect with friends and family.

Because I was a scrapbooker, I tend to keep everything of even the smallest sentimental value. I still have letters from my grandmother that she wrote me while I was away at college! Recently I was going through those letters and decided to take it back end the day where we actually wrote handwritten letters!

With that being said, I decided to send all my DOPE CHICKS a note letting them know just how DOPE they are! Everyone was overjoyed by receiving something both sentimental yet creative that represents them.

What’s even more amazing is that you can find these images, (YES these African American images) in CRICUT DESIGN SPACE . It’s so very DOPE to see Cricut diversify their platform and recognize the need for the US to be represented as well.


  • Designs….These designs can be found in Cricut Design Space. Just do a search for “Cocoa Twins”

  1. Khadijah says:

    Where did you get the black paper from on the very first picture of the girl with the afro hair, pink beanie and pink lipstick? Thank you!

    • admin says:

      I think this might have came from Cricut but it’s just glitter cardstock. If it’s not cricut then it definitely came from Michaels and it’s the recollections brand