Making Labels with your Cricut

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March is here and I know most (or some) of us made New Year’s resolutions! (ok I kind of stopped doing those a couple of years ago) BUT I do hold myself accountable to a little bit of reflecting on what works and what I can do better each new SEASON (no pun intended)


Clutter is the enemy of creativity and can drain you of your energy while leaving you uninspired. Since creating releases happiness endorphins, it’ll be counterintuitive to allow something so small to put us in a rut so bad that we allow the stress to take us away from our happy place!


Having more time to be your greatest creative self is directly linked to increased productivity. When you carve out the time to exercise your creativity, you open yourself up to more possibilities. This is especially important for our Craft-preneurs where the phrase “time = money” is key! So reclaim your time you’re  owed by committing to getting organized 🙂


I’m a serial crafter which means I dabble in a little bit of everything and my craft room reflects that! With that said, I’m NOTORIOUS (in my BIGGIE voice) for waking up in the middle of the night scrolling the BGC Facebook group and running out the next day to buy supplies I already have. Once I committed to organizing my space, it was easy for me to shop my own supply vs going out and buying what I don’t need!

“Did you see that amazing painting Donna did in Black Girls Crafts??? I’m headed out now to purchase 500 bottles of paint I know I already have in my craft space but it’s so unorganized, I can’t find it.”

Over the next couple of months, I will share simple tips and tricks to aid on your new organization journey! First up is demonstrating how I use my Cricut to create labels! Labels are a great way to keep our spaces organized and our supplies easy to find.

Below you will see how I used labeling throughout my kitchen and craft room. I just recently rekindled my love for cooking and experimenting with fresh herbs and spices.  I love it b/c it not only makes my most commonly used items handy,  but it adds a little style and “spice” to my 2nd favorite place in the house! Since I spend most of my time in my craft room which of course is my #1 favorite place to hang out, using these Dollar Tree totes are an efficient way to keep things organized and easily accessible as I’m working.



Office Labels
Bathroom Labels
Flour & Suga
Oil and Vinegar
Spice Labels