Cricut Joy

Last month I was invited out to Utah to the Cricut headquarters for what I thought was an influencer event but it turned out to be the unveiling of a really cool new machine called Cricut Joy.  I almost missed my flight back to Charlotte, NC I was so excited about Joy and the ease it’s going to give to crafters of all skill levels.

With that said, let me tell you why I choose JOY!

I’ve been a lifelong serial crafter but life sometimes has a way of diverting your passion (kids sports, bills, jobs, LIFE). Here is the thing…crafting is JOY. Joy eliminates the how and why! JOY is the tool to allow YOU to be your authentic creative self EVERYWHERE.  As you seen in the past, I’ve spent wayyyy too many hours trying to rekindle my love for crating by converting my space into the “perfect ” oasis. Don’t get me wrong, I’m finally happily inspired. But it’s JOY that provides the capabilities to craft from ANYWHERE and takes the stress out of prepping instead allowing you to instantly create.

Here are just a few features I love about Joy.

  • Cricut Joy is compact & portable.  It can fit right on your nightstand while allowing you to craft on the go!
  • Cricut Joy is the perfect companion to your Maker or Air 2! With this new machine, you are able to quickly and easily personalize anything with one cut and one color, in 15 minutes or less, right from your kitchen counter or coffee table. It is fun, functional, and simple to use. Practical, everyday projects have never been more accessible or easier! If you already have a Maker or Air 2, Joy opens additional creative possibilities with unique features and is the perfect companion for quick, mat-free projects and long cuts. Joy also offers longer and repeated cuts allowing you to cut one image up to 4 inches wide and 4 feet long or repeated cuts up to 20 feet long which is perfect for the sticker community!
  • Cricut Joy has a Bluetooth® built in which easily allows you to wirelessly connect your computer, phone, or tablet so you can design anywhere.
  • Cricut Joy offers a card mat where you can customize cards in minutes! I literally made this amazing card in under 5 minutes which is the perfect way to give your sister friend some unexpected inspiration!
  • Cricut Joy has offers SMART HTV, and Vinyl.  What makes it so smart you ask? YOU DON’T NEED A MAT! Yes you heard me right! Cricut “Smart” products allows you to craft even quicker and more efficiently since we get to ditch that mat!

Now that I explained why I love JOY! Check out some of the cool projects I made.  Please feel free to leave questions in the comment section!

Kitchen Labels w/Cricut Joy™ Smart Label™ Writable Vinyl

T-shirt w/ Cricut Joy Smart Iron-On

Notecard w/ Cricut Joy™ Card Mat, 4.5″ x 6.25″

  1. Cynthia says:

    Just beautful just got the maker and the joy cant wait to do do some beautful things