Black Her-Story Craft Challenge Winner & Wrap-up

Black women have shattered glass ceilings, organized movements and have been the backbone of breakthroughs throughout history. Let’s celebrate the accomplishments and beauty of black women & our stories.

The February challenge was to create something that celebrates black women throughout history.

Winners are selected based on the most “likes” each project receives!  This month’s winner is Lonnie Taylor!  Lonnie has won a $50 gift card to the BGC Store!

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Congrats Lonnie Taylor!

Project Description by the Artist

This is done by a scroll saw and dremel. It is a faceless portrait and segmentation.I used 1/4 inch plywood. For the higher elevation I stacked two pieces.I painted with acrylic paints.I used a premade frame from Hobby Lobby because I don’t know how to make frames yet.

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A special THANK YOU for those who participated in the challenge! You can check out their submissions below:

Heather-Amanda Davis Deeannah Taylor

I made a mini polymer clay portrait gallery of women throughout history that I’ve enjoyed reading about. Billie Holiday, Ida B. Wells, Claudette Colvin, Melba Roy, and Harriet Tubman. I bought the frame on Amazon, and sculpted the flowers and portraits from polymer clay using a needle tool.

I’m Dee with DeePlusDesigns and my specialty (favorite!) is creating crochet portraits.They are created using a G hook and variety of yarns (typically medium weight 4). Patterns are created usin g online tools such as stitch fiddle, graphing paper, coloring pencils, and a whole lot of patience! They take anywhere from 4-10hrs depending on the size requested, amount of colors used, and details of the photo.My submission is my daughter and I! THYS is a favorite photo of mine and she chose the colors aka gave Mommy a huge challenge but hey, she’s been pushing me to be better since the day she was born, and 17yrs later, that has stayed the same.  Original photo and side-by-side included for reference.Lacey Williamson-Smith Mary McDaniel

Hi BGC ????????. My specialty is usually blinging everything, which started off with handheld mirrors so I decided to go in that same direction for this creation.
I created this beauty with a wooden cut out from Michael’s. I purchased the acrylic paint and vinyl from Michael’s. I purchased the mirror from JoAnns. I used my Cricut to create these adorable faux leather bows and cut out the aspiring words. I use Liquid Fusion to place the jewels in place.
I was inspired by this craft because a lot of young ladies like my handheld mirrors so I figured I would make something they could love, as well as their parents.

Black Her StoryAfro woman wall art* Hand poured using silicone mold* Epoxy Resin* Acrylic paint added to the resin for the color* Handpicked roses* Gold leaf* Gold vinyl / transfer tape for lettering ( Cricut used)* Edges trimmed with gold leaf marker* Jigsaw hooks (applied with UV resin / UV light to seal* Approximately 3 days curing timeMary McDanielBlack Her Story“Beauty beneath the scars” canvas painting is a representation of woman who are affected directly with health, physical and mental issues. Each scar is a reassurance through it all, their Beautiful, their Loved and most of all their Conquerors “ Black Her Story”This canvas is hand painted on a black stretched 18” x 24” canvas.* Acrylic and spray paint was used for the colors* Palette knife and paint brush used to apply the colors* Sanders disc used to create the small circles* 6” wood round used to create the half circles* Drippings from several resin pours used to create the silhouette

Latoya HicksBrown skin mother and daughter set ( resin tray and 2 coasters)I used better boat resin, mica powder( purple, blue, brown, gold and black) , gold flakes, acrylic paint, heat gun, sticks, and silicone molds.First I mixed the epoxy and allowed it to sit for a couple minutes. I then mixed the colors into the epoxy. I poured 3 layers in the bigger mold and 2 in the smaller molds. With each layer I used the heat gun and sticks to moved the colors around and blend them together. I started with the gold flakes first, brown and then added gold on top. For the Hair I just poured the blue, black and purple in different areas and blended with the heat gun. Once I got to the last layers I added lines to create the hair line.

Neeky Smiley Mary McDanielBlack Her-Story ProjectThis is a resin made item that was handmade by myself.The items below are drink coasters & keychain. The measurement for the coasters are 6.2 x 4.3 inches and keychain is 1.9 x 2.1 cm.The materials used were resin, mica powder, paper cups , stirring tool, toothpick and silicone molds.Time to complete was 10 hours

Black Her StoryAfro woman wall art*Hand poured using a silicone mold* Epoxy Resin* Acrylic paint* Edges trimmed with gold leaf marker* Craftstick used to create the design* Approximately 3 days curing time* Jigsaw hooks (applied with UV resin/ UV light to sealStephanie Adams Denise Perkins

Here is my new artwork. Painted freehand in acrylics. The name is The Lady.

Queen of Africa earrings created by myself. I started making these earrings in 2016 and they are such the conversation #Piece. Black Women are beautiful as well as where we come from.Supplies used for the all wire Queen of Africa earrings:12 gauge aluminum wire

16 gauge aluminum wireThey are hand molded and hammered for texture.Wood Queen of Africa earringsWood Africa cutouts 1 1/2”And 16 gauge Non tarnished craft wire