5 Budget friendly tips for your next party!

My son turned 7 over the weekend and since his birthday fell on a Saturday, I felt it was my duty to come out of party planning retirement and throw him a party! Why retirement you ask? Well once a friend, family or neighbor gets wind that you have a pinch of creativity, you are officially elevated to master of ceremonies (or in my case, master of events). And let’s face it….accolades are great but when it comes down to it, planning parties are WORK!

Then it occurred to me that over the years my method and style has remained pretty consistent and consistency has decreased the stress of planning events but it allows me to stretch my creativity in other ways!
Below are 5 tips that I incorporate in just about all my events that are quick, easy and budget friendly!

1. Use fabric as your tablecloth.

Whether you plan multiple parties a year or just that one special event, fabric always adds a level of sophistication to your tables and it’s MUCH cheaper than you think in addition to it being reusable! For this particular party used 4 yards of this black solid poly-satin fabric from Hobby Lobby that I happened to have leftover from another event. The list price is 4.99/yard but once you use your 40% off coupon I now have a gorgeous table cloth that I can reuse for years to come all for 11.98!

2. Signage!

I have a crazy addiction to signage! Partly b/c of my love of fonts, graphics and typography (I know what you’re thinking….it doesn’t take much to please me!) The sign I designed for my son’s party was made in photoshop but this could have easily been made using Canva which is a insanely amazing user friendly tool with unlimited design capabilities!
For this particular sign, I used Walgreens for printing and I must admit I was extremely happy with the quality. I opted against having them mount it and instead purchased a foam board and matted it myself using hot glue and a exacto knife! All for 21.59! I was on a bit of a time crunch but I usually add personalize designs in 4×6 frames as well. It’s a inexpensive way to personalize your tablescape while adding dimension! Most importantly frames are reusable!

3. Custom designed water bottles.

It’s another obsession I have but it’s always my go-to project since it easily allows me to incorporate the colors and patterns of the event into the design. Again, the labels were made in photoshop but Canva is definitely a viable option if you’re not PS savvy. Also, I purchase the digital scrapbook paper used for the designs from Etsy. Besides the fact water bottles add to the table decor, its a inexpensive way of quenching your guest thirst!


I know it goes without saying that treats are a staple for just about any and every party but you can ball on a budget and still get the results you want! Ok but here is my little secret (I buy all of my sweets from Walmart. I mean you just can’t beat paying $6 for a dozen of cupcakes! For this particular party, I didn’t even have the nerve to pre-order (I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS). I actually walked in the day before assuming they would have the colors I needed but they didn’t. I ended up having to buy the premium cupcakes which were slightly more and if you read this far you can understand how tragic that was for me since I only shop with coupons or on a budget! Never the less, the “expensive cupcakes” were delish but who am I kidding….even if they weren’t the only purposed they served for me was to be the anchor for my custom cupcake toppers I designed! These were printed on cardstock and cut them out using my EK Tools Circle Cutter
In addition to the cupcakes, I also purchased a 10in round cake for 11.98 and made my own cake topper using my Cricut Explore Air. And just for the fun of it (or maybe it was my obsession with paper straws), I grabbed a few boxes of donut holes to add a extra layer of sugar rush for the kiddos; all this for under $30!


I have a love love relationship with balloons and feel like they have a special place in just about every event. In the past I would hire a balloon expert or use a helium machine. Well for this party I was determined to try my hand at making my own arch. Although it wasn’t perfect, I can pretty much guarantee that if I decide to permanently stay out of retirement, balloon arches will remain a staple for all my future events.
With the help of my little helpers (aka my 8 and 10 year old daughters), fishing line, helium quality balloons and this balloon buddy (do not attempt this without this tool….you would literally be wasting your precious breath!) I was able to create this arch in under 2 hours which I thought was pretty impressive considering it was my very first time!
Although i’m not an party planner by trade, I hope these tips helps you along the way in creating your next event!